Post your Headlight Retrofits!

JDM CTR Headlights:


:heart_eyes: do you happen to have a write up of you doing this? cause this interests me greatly hahaha

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@JosephXoc, I do not have a write up since I did mine many years ago but there are some great resources on YouTube.

Basically, you will have to bake the headlights to open them up. You will then have to take out the reflector bowl to mount the projectors which can either be easy or difficult depending on the kind of projector used. You might have to do some cutting, drilling, and trimming to make things fit.

However nowadays, they sell kits with projectors in where minimal cutting of the reflector bowl is involved called “easy mount” projectors like the Morimoto Mini D2S or H1. They even make LED projectors as well if you do not want an HID setup that utilize the same “easy mount” concept.

Aside from that, you are looking at some basic wiring using a relay harness for the HID bulbs/ballast that is pretty simple. If you are going with an LED projector, a wiring harness is not needed.

There is a lot of info out there but I find YouTube to be the best nowadays for catching up on headlight retrofits, and learning about them if you are new to them.

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Youre the best. Thank you for even giving me that much info as you did. I’m gonna look that up when i get home tonight. Appreciate it !

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