K swaps!

Please post all your K Swap builds here. Give a little brief description of what your setup is about.

Here’s my 96 Civic DX with 02 K20A2. Matching transmission and ECU. This swap is meant for daily driving. Do not plan on making crazy power. Currently in the process of getting it BARd ( California )


I was waiting for someone to start the K swap thread :metal:t3:

Getting ready to fully build my k20z3 head, planning to go drag cartel 2.2 cams


My first K swap was this 04 EP3 (K20A3) Si swap that I did back in 2015.

I rocked around with this set up until Spring of this year when I did a 05 TSX (K24A2) swap. Besides the cheap cost on it ,that I couldn’t pass up on, I wanted a little more HP/TRQ to scoot and move.


Then there’s this 04 RSX K20A3 that I have. been kicking around the idea of a VTEC Killer set-up for it. I have the parts for it pls/minus, just haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m working on another K swap for the hatchback at the moment.

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K20A2 motor and trans into a Honda Fit.


My last K project
Jdm k24 swap in 95 odyssey


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

This is my K24A GD3 Honda Fit.

JDM K24A motor, DC 2.2 Endurance cams, Supertech valve springs & retainers, RRC oil pump, RRC intake manifold PnP by Endyn, OEM ZDX 80mm TB, RDX injectors, custom 4-2-1 header w/ 3" catback exhaust, and more. Z3 LSD trans, refreshed with Synchrotech carbon synchros.

250whp/185ft/lbs on Mustang dyno, with 40% E85 blend. Will be aiming for 280whp next year :slight_smile:


93 Dx hatchback. 07 k24a2 with supertech 95lb springs and IPS K2 cams, rbc w/ 70mm tb and r crew header. 3in exhaust, 1000cc injectors pump e85. Z1 gearbox in a a2 case w/ z3 lsd, CM twin disc. Made 266/208 all motor 373/294 on nitrous. #seanbuilt #derftuned


This is KimK, My 2000 Honda Insight

K24 Swap