TeflonDon Jdm 97 Spec ITR Build ~ Airport HangaR find~

So I guess I start with a brief intro. My name is Don and I’ve been a longtime follower/lurker of these forums. In the past I’d come here to look at a different caliber of builds, always really cool cars with authentic parts and Jdm styling.

I’ve been tinkering with Honda’s since age 15, I’ve had countless cars over the years but never a Type R. An ITR usdm or Jdm has always been a dream car of mine that I’d honestly never thought I’d have the chance to own.


Crazy story on how I found the chassis. >

I was up one night browsing Facebook marketplace, I currently live in Colorado but for some reason I set my location to California( usually more cars available) .

I was browsing around the usual searches when I decided to type “Jdm front”. That’s when I saw this ad for a Jdm front integra with the year out as 2021. Looking at the pictures further and reading the ad, I came to understand that it’s a real dc2R chassis for sale and it’s being offered at quite a fair price.

The car didn’t seem perfect but the price was right and these cars are getting hard to find so I jumped on it.

I messaged the guy who had it posted and he said he’s selling for his uncle. I asked a few details of the car and explained that I was a very serious buyer. We agreed on a price and he considered it sold!

I booked a flight that night and the next day I was on a plane to California.

I checked into my hotel and after dealing with the nightmare of securing a rental car last minute, I was finally set to head out to Bakersfield in the morning. In a mini van haha! Whatever it takes.

This is when I found out the car was being stored at a private air hangar

And finally the car!

So there she is.
As it sits the chassis wasn’t perfect but it had everything I wanted which was was original panels and engine bay components.
Car was missing full engine swap, and full interior pretty much, it also came on 4 spare tires.

The guy said that the exporter parted out all the valuable parts from the car to make it cheaper for him to import.

I wasn’t worried because it’s gonna be fun gathering all the parts. I arranged shipping for the car and it arrived to my house 1 week later.

My plan with this car is to gather mostly all originally parts and do my own version of a RestoMod. I didn’t wait my entire life to drive a stock R, so the car will be lightly tuned to my style preferences. I hope it will be similar to the builds I used to follow here when I was younger. Thanks for reading.



Updates will be posted here

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Heck yeah! In for this. Nice find!


Absolute score! Subbed for this

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I’ll be watching this one too man. :ok_hand:

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Cool back story. Subscribed!

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This is a such a awesome find! You plan on keeping it Champ White or changing up the color?

I’m really blow away it was in a hangeR… What did the guy do for a living!?

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So I received the car about two days after it was picked up in Cali. Such an amazing feeling to finally have possession of the ITR

The car was absolutely filthy, covered in lots of dust and grime from sitting. So I decided to give the car a quick wash.

The headlights had a bit of haze over them so I decided to try the meguiars kit

I need to polish them a bit more but they look ok for now.

When I first saw pictures of the car I noticed something odd, which was the black roof. I was praying that it wasn’t painted. When I went to see the car I found that the roof was actually wrapped, so my next worry was how is the paint underneath

Turns out the paint was just fine. I think the car will clean up with a nice wax and detail.


I will be keeping the car Champ White for now, don’t really have plans to change it. I’m not sure what they did for a living entirely but they used the hangar to store their boats/ toys etc.

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A ITR is still very high on my “want to own one day” list. Can’t wait to see what you make of it :+1:

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Awesome find man. I always seem to find stuff at the worst times and cant make it happen. Perfect you were able to hop right on it. Cant wait to see the restoration.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I guess its for good reason though, as ive been enjoying the car and putting tons of miles on it.

Thats right, I already completed the car haha, I wasnt planning on continuing the thread anymore but ive changed my mind.

stay tuned for updates. + the addition of another rare Honda! ??

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Lol random. Let’s see pics

I’ve been stacking parts for this car ever since the day i got off the plane. Here’s a photo dump of everything


Awesome build, what seat rails will you be using for those black Recaro’s?

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To be honest Im not sure, I bought them from a friend who purchased them from someone in japan. They are unbranded, but the lowest rails ive ever seen. Its pretty much a low profile slider with the seat tabs attachted.


awesome stuff man keep updating :+1:t2:

Thing looks brand new factory fresh

Sick! Keep it up homie