4x100 DA front wheel hubs

Having an amazing time looking for some new OEM or quality aftermarket non abs front wheel hub assemblies for DA spindles. If anyone can suggest a company or shop to purchase from, I’d appreciate it!!

Thanks :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

They’re discontinued from Acura, doesn’t look like anyone has them left in stock from what I can tell- the part number is 44600-SK7-000. It doesn’t look like Dorman or Moog make a aftermarket replacement. There a reason you need to replace the hubs? The bearing is serviceable using the old hubs. Otherwise you may be stuck buying whole spindles from a junk yard and getting the hubs pressed out, I doubt the yard would sell it separate


I already pushed my luck with replacing the wheel bearings a while back but now I have some slight play in one that I’d like to take care of. I’ve had experience with a set I did for a buddy and was not able to reuse the old hubs as the owner of the vehicle he got them from probably never changed the wheel bearings causing the hub to not be reusable when pressed out. Tolerances were unusable

You can always use dc spindles if you have a camber kit, as they will give you positive camber. They still make replacement hubs for them. Just a idea.

Unfortunately DC spindles do not work on a crx as they alter very negatively alter suspension geometry and the angle of the spindle (closest to spring) comes in contact with the spring ever so slightly. DA spindle has been working up until now but with this serviceability issue it might be time to figure out a different setup for a better solution.

Well sounds like you’re SOL :joy:

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