Heyyo_friday's dc5 sorta build/track/autocross and complaining+ bs thread

Hey guys. My 2002 rsx type s. Purchased it relatively bone stock from a friend after his dad daily’d it for 8 months. Sold to them as a car with a check engine light that wouldn’t go away. P0342 (camshaft A position invalid/incorrect IIRC). Found the car jumped time but still ran reasonably fine. Threw a timing chain and tensioner at it and away it went. His dad drove it for a few months until the AC went out then it was parked and sold to me.

My plan is to just track it/autocross it for now. So if you have a good alignment suggestion lmk.
When we were starting the work on it. My old civic in the background

Before changing the timing chain. We got the crank to tdc and found the exhaust cam and crank were perfect. Intake cam was 2 teeth off

Fast forward a few months and its sold to me. Got it home and immediately noticed a alot of play in the wiper arms when they’re turned off

2 new wiper transmission arms and were off
Clapped lower control arms

First autocross. I think I’d owned it 6 weeks at this point.

Swapped my oem cmc out for a oem ek cmc. Deletes the pressure delay valve

K-tuned inner tie rods and tru-hart rear camber kits

Two new door lock actuators to have functioning door locks again

Start of replacing the ac system. Fitted new radiator/fans (one of them oem fans had died at some point) condenser, compressor, drier and a new starter because it was easy to access

Since that its just been driven and driven.


Current mods:
Stock engine/trans/ecu
Bc racing br coilovers
Eibach front and rear sway bars
Rear strut bar
Stock wheels and 205/55r16 indy firehawk 500s

Current plans:
Getting the car on a road course
-currently leaking oil from rear main and oil pan.
-install new oem rear main seal and new clutch flywheel
-maybe transmission refresh. 4.7 fd with carbon syncros and a tsx 6th gear (second grinds randomly. Third grinds at low speeds when shifting quickly while its cold)
-install clockwise motion drop in baffle
-put on my new tires and wheels whenever wheels return from powdercoating
-paint the car at some point. I got am A spec lip kit with the car. Just need a high wing for it
-seat time bro


looking forward to keeping up with this on a track one day

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