Heyyo_friday's dc5 sorta build/track/autocross and complaining+ bs thread

Hey guys. My 2002 rsx type s. Purchased it relatively bone stock from a friend after his dad daily’d it for 8 months. Sold to them as a car with a check engine light that wouldn’t go away. P0342 (camshaft A position invalid/incorrect IIRC). Found the car jumped time but still ran reasonably fine. Threw a timing chain and tensioner at it and away it went. His dad drove it for a few months until the AC went out then it was parked and sold to me.

My plan is to just track it/autocross it for now. So if you have a good alignment suggestion lmk.
When we were starting the work on it. My old civic in the background

Before changing the timing chain. We got the crank to tdc and found the exhaust cam and crank were perfect. Intake cam was 2 teeth off

Fast forward a few months and its sold to me. Got it home and immediately noticed a alot of play in the wiper arms when they’re turned off

2 new wiper transmission arms and were off
Clapped lower control arms

First autocross. I think I’d owned it 6 weeks at this point.

Swapped my oem cmc out for a oem ek cmc. Deletes the pressure delay valve

K-tuned inner tie rods and tru-hart rear camber kits

Two new door lock actuators to have functioning door locks again

Start of replacing the ac system. Fitted new radiator/fans (one of them oem fans had died at some point) condenser, compressor, drier and a new starter because it was easy to access

Since that its just been driven and driven.


Current mods:
Stock engine/trans/ecu
Bc racing br coilovers
Eibach front and rear sway bars
Rear strut bar
Stock wheels and 205/55r16 indy firehawk 500s

Current plans:
Getting the car on a road course
-currently leaking oil from rear main and oil pan.
-install new oem rear main seal and new clutch flywheel
-maybe transmission refresh. 4.7 fd with carbon syncros and a tsx 6th gear (second grinds randomly. Third grinds at low speeds when shifting quickly while its cold)
-install clockwise motion drop in baffle
-put on my new tires and wheels whenever wheels return from powdercoating
-paint the car at some point. I got am A spec lip kit with the car. Just need a high wing for it
-seat time bro


looking forward to keeping up with this on a track one day

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Waiting on some fancy parts to show up. Should have a good update by next week

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Rega lip stickers <3

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Well. I really thought I’d have my stickers and valve stems. But I guess I’m caught in the holiday shipping rush
Got myself a set of regamasters evos. 17x9 +35F 17x8 +35R

Had them refinished once and that turned out disappointing. Sent them to a different guy and they came out lovely.

The set of Falken RT660S 235/45R17

Time to start winter disassembly


Stickers and valve stems showed up yesterday


But. On to the meat and potatoes today. Started disassembly for the winter refresh. Doing a bit on transmission work and trying to stop this from leaking oil every where like its been doing.

This is the bolt hole honda recommends for supporting the trans while the engine is out. You have to loosen your heater pipe and the bracket that receives the bolt from intake bracket to a access it. Rather annoying.

Organization skills

Done for the day. Starting on all the lower stuff tomorrow

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Pulled the trans drain plug to let it drain. Not sure if this a normal amount on shavings.

I thoroughly enjoy this. Stockish car getting use, now getting refreshed in weak points to be USED.

Very very cool stuff my dude, look forward to the progress!

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Glad to hear people share my same view point lol. Ive always been the “function” person. I honestly feel bad taking it apart because I still enjoying driving it weekly. But it must be done so I can get on track🤷‍♂️

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Well. Today was fun. Suspension undone. Trans out. Time to clean the subframe. On corner is super oily because it’s under the oil filter and by a lovely design quirk it catches there. The rest is dusty because the car sat at a trucking yard for a few months before we fixed it. Then 6-7 months driven to and from that yard while it was their daily. Note I tried to use the engine support bar. That didn’t go well. So its propped up with my jack.


Finally took the time to open the transmission. Kind of what I expected. 2nd gear looks a bit rounded. 3rd isn’t much better. Also the reverse part of the 1-2 slider has taken a bit of hits also. Lovely.



Reverse part on the 1-2 slider


Now that nwp is back lol. Just a few more updates.

Parts have finally started rolling in. But lll start with the ones I’ve had for 2 months already. New comp clutch ultra lightweight flywheel and stage 1.5(yes really) clutch. Some parts from acuraexpressparts.com/irunoem. As well as a clockwise motion drop in oil baffle

Today my first big box has arrived. Big package from irunoem.
New 3rd gear set
New 1st gear
2 New diff bearings
New counter shaft bolt.
10 New diff bolts
New speedometer gear
New oil gutter
New clutch fork boot because mine is torn. Plus a bunch of stickers because I’m a ricer


Exact same clutch I’ll be running, yet I’m going with the normal lightweight flywheel

For me it was 5 dollars more for the ultra lightweight and was available next day vs 3-5 day wait. Which originally was going to be a issue. But this rebuild kind of changed everything.

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Yay for project cars.
So has i was draining my oil pan out i found a lovely gift.

I did put a new timing chain set and timing chain guides before I bought the car. I vaguely remember the upper guide plastic was MIA when we changed them. Maybe this is a leftover? But I have a rattle on start up. So im winging a oil pump chain tensioner at it.
Also. Leaking rear main seal.


Eeek. Well at least it’s getting taken care of now, than on Track Day :cowboy_hat_face:

That is true. Its better I remove it than it rapidly disassembling itself at elevated rpms. My civic wheel bearings did that. Boy was I not happy with that

Oil pump chain tensioner acquired. Another timely experience at the dealership parts department. Reminds me why I like ordering my own parts