BreakEven’s 2011 Honda Fit GE8!

Welcome guys! Thanks for coming in for a look. I’ve never done a build thread and also didn’t get to experience NWP’s glory days before social media killed forums. Awesome to see the revival and figured I’d do a build thread for any one interested in Fit’s and to also document for myself.

Current Mod List :

  • GodSpeed Mono SS Coilovers
  • SBC Camber Bolts
  • Progress 19mm Rear Sway Bar
  • PRM Short Ram Intake
  • Apexi N1 Axleback
  • Enkei RPF1’s 16x7 +35 Front and Kosei K1 15x7 +38 Rear
  • Project MU NS400 Brake Pads
  • EBay STi Front Lip
  • Stickydiljoe’s/Battlecraft’s Year 10 Shift Knob
  • BLR (Spoon Rep) Mirrors
  • JDM GE6 Base Model Taillights

So back in August 2019, my previous daily/project which was an 00’ EJ8 coupe, had got hit on my commute home.

Car was deemed totaled and Insurance paid me out more than expected (way more than I had bought the car for) and figured I’d get something a bit more “reliable” as a daily but also serve as an every now and then track car.

On October 6th, 2019 I had picked up my new to me 2011 Taffeta White Honda Fit Sport w/ 67K miles and it’s a manual!

Picked up some OEM Honda window visors along with OEM splash guards but installed those at a later date.

Installed GodSpeed Mono SS coilovers, 19mm Progress RSB and OEM splash guards.

Attended Stickydiljoe’s Year 11 Chronicles Meet and decided to throw on my JDM RS clear tails.

Bought a PRM intake and some Kosei K1’s in a 15x7 +38 wrapped in Dunlop Direzza DZ102 205/50/15.

Found out that tirerack had sent me one wrong wheel. One wheel was a +30 offset rather than a +38 like the rest. Tirerack wanted me to go through the hassle to measure the wheel’s offset and sending them additional pictures rather than relying on the stamp that clearly said it was a 15x7+30.

Still ran the set-up for a little while but kinda found that annoying so I decided to just pick up a pair of 16x7+35 RPF1’s to run a reverse staggered/mismatch set up. Also picked up some JDM GE6 Base model taillights, SPC Camber bolts, Project MU NS400 brake pads, Apexi N1 Axle-back an a EBay lip that I don’t recommend anyone to get lol. Will come off soon. Also did a slight bumper cut, removing the fake diffuser.

I couldn’t justify 1200 for Non-power and fake carbon Spoon mirrors do I decided to pick up some used BLR mirrors (Spoon Reps) painted in metallic silver from a fellow fit friend who parted out. Thought the silver would bring some contrast to the car as I plan on implementing more silver pieces to the car.

I have some wheels coming in that I ordered right before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I was told they won’t be coming in till January - late Feb, but who truly know with covid going on.


if only you were around when i was getting rid of all my parts lol

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The RS tails where the favorite part on my 09 GE.

I never knew how “rare” my Sport w/ Navigation Manual trans was. Your car looks EXCELLENT on the paired wheel setup

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Love threads like this, keep it going :+1:

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Thank you! I love the mismatch look. I’d still have on my RS tails if one wasn’t cracked unfortunately. Got them for free but just ran them for fun!

Funny enough, I didn’t even know Navi along with steering wheel volume controls was an option for these cars till recently lol. But yes, Manuals in general are definitely hard to find!

You got more to sell me. They’re just on your car. 🥲🙂

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Thank you! Have tons more planned.

kinda want a fit now