EP3 Build

Well I haven’t done anything related with forums or Hondas for about 5 years, so I’m already exited and feeling young doing it. :grin:

I’ve had a few Hondas in the past. It all started with a EM1, 86 CRX, EJ2 K20 swapped and last was a 06 TSX Which got totaled by a stupid driver who crashed into me. I kept the built motor and some other parts thinking after that I will build something again. I did try to stay away from having a Honda but there was always an empty space in me that I just couldn’t continue with.

After having a few cars with K series motors, I knew I had to stay within the perimeter but with confort off course. The EP3 has always been a car that has got my attention, I never had a hatch back besides the CRX so that was something I had to open up to and give up the coupe life for a little. The look of the chassis itself I always saw potential and They come with K series engine.

After finalizing the decision wether Getting another TSX, maybe try the RSX , Or even build a K swap car. I found this EP3 which for the first time in my life I had to travel 4 hours to pick it up so it started With a fun trip after 5 years not having a Honda. It is my first car that i buy that it’s not stock which I had some feelings about it but it is a good platform to Redo my way and not start buying parts from scratch.

2003 EP3 SET UP
-K20a2 engine with 80K miles on it
-K20a2 Trans 4.76 FD, MFactory 2 way LSD
-EP3 type 6 Speed Shifter box and cables
-Light weight Crank Pulley
-Skunk 2 Ultra Intake Manifold With .5 litter Plenum Spacer ported and polished
-Skunk 2 74 MM Throttle Body
-4" Intake with a Vstak
-Intake Manifold Thermal Gasket
-Aftermarket Fuel rail
-1000cc Bosh injectors
-E85 Fuel
-1320 Header Heat Wrapped
-3” exhaust to a 3” Vibrant street muffler
-Torque Solutions motor mounts
-Ktuned K2 coil overs with Camber plates
-Skunk 2 Rear LCA
-Skunk Camber kit
-Polyurethane Bushings Everywhere
-FRONT EM2 25mm or CRV Front sway bar 27mm ?
-REAR RSX 21mm or Bigger Aftermarket ?

I work on yachts so my time at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is not much and varies.
I first took the car to my warehouse that I share with my cousin with the intentions to pressure wash the entire car, chassis, engine, wheel wells you name it the OCD was kicking in hard, make it look pretty change a few things, get it painted and leave the engine bay alone until further time I’m home and can dedicate fully to it. :sneezing_face:




4 hours later…
The transmission had a very slight grind at high rpms In 3rd gear so I took that as excuse I guess…

At this point it was out of my hands, all that time not having a sports car to play with took over my brain Oh well happy but concern due to only been home for 6 weeks at this time around.

Decided to go with dark grey engine bay, engine and trans painted black along other accessories, redo all the wiring…




I took every bolt, washer, nut, clip off the engine bay, engine, trans, all suspension parts and sent them to get zink plates at a local shop that does this kind of work. Something I wanted to do a while ago If I ever built another car and it totally changes everything I couldn’t be happier with the results. As much as there are companies out there making Allen key bolts Kits, titanium Bolts etc having OEM bolts for me are more practical and function and I always been a fan of the zink plated look. Total cost of a bucket full was $160


Im working on changing the Intake set up and will try a new 4" with a Vstak straight off the
throttle body right behind the headlight.



Engine got Resealed from top to bottom, transmission got rebuilt with synchro tech kit and upgraded shifter springs. Painted the intake manifold, throttle body, wrapped the header to keep some temps down in the engine bay, besides is something I have done with all my cars :joy:.



Painted all suspension arms parts, rebuilt steering rack, added the SHG Garage slider, New Polly bushing thru out, new wheel bearing all around, new inner tie rods, sanded and painted wheel wells and complete undercarriage of the car, install the new battery between bumper and driver side wheel well

Some bling around, even flywheel bolts got zink plated :sunglasses:

Keeping it 4x1hunnit, got a full set of stop tech brake rotors and pads, rear bumper got chop-chop and started working on the rear suspension

New bushing for the rear, bled the entire brake system and added fresh new Motul juice. My main goal with this car is handling. I want to improve what’s been said for so long about the EP3 poor handling skills.

Simple outside changes, I actually bought the rear CF wing couple days before picking up and actually buying the car, found a good deal on type R side skirts and for the moment the Air Wacker front lip. I bought the OEM Honda molding to install the lip and side skirts correctly we’ll see how it comes out

Some inspiration from.

I am currently away for a few weeks for work, the car got dropped off at the body shop, decision was made and car won’t be staying white anymore. We’ll see …


My 1985 Mitsubishi Montero 4x4 Sport I built while those 5 years away from Hondas. I love it and it brings memories specially with my kids but I need some RPMs back in my life…

My TSX (Night Fury) 276 Whp Montero and CRV at the time

My coupe (Dark Knight) 235whp

EM1 LsVtech 217whp back in 05-06 :thinking:

Thanks for watching
Stay tune for more


Dope build! Love the zinc stuff!

Does the dc5r 5 lug bolt up to the ep3?

Yes it does, that will be something later on down the road. For now 4 x 1 hunnit will do.

A set of 15x8’s with 225/50/15 are on the menu as we speak.


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Always find it weird that you guys in the US have 4*100 lug setups on the EP3. Here in Europe it’s only the lower spec EP’s that have it. How big are your discs ?

Love the direction your going in, can’t wait to see what color the civic will be.

I believe they are 10.3” same size as older EK, integras. I always wanted a car painted yellow we’ll see what we come up once I have to buy the paint

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Was just thinking that aswell, how strange. I think it’s only the ep1 1.4 that’s 4x100 over here

Nice collection of cars you’ve had there :blush:
Nice work on the ep3, love the attention for details.

Thank you sir.

In the US 2002-2003 models came 4x100
2004-2005 came with the bigger 5 lug same as RSX.

At the moment I am in the market for some
Sway bars and came across some posts online of people using

FRONT: EM2 (25mm) or CRV (27mm) Sway bar
REAR: was thinking the 22MM RSX TYPE S

Which I could probably pick up locally from a junk yard and get some hard bushings for them, save up a few bucks instead of going aftermarket

Learned something new today.

And yeah you can always upgrade with aftermarket stuff later on. Doing the same with my civic for the moment.

Oem+ is always a good way to go.
If you need Ep3 specific parts, there’s a lot of them over here in EU/UK, and shipping isn’t that bad, depending on size/weight

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I’m making a list for when I come visit the UK for work and bring some goodies back to the US, you guys got them all :sob::sob:

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Heading back home tomorrow.
Seems like will stay in town for couple months or so and happy to spend Christmas with family something doesn’t happen too often on my line of work.

Ordered some good to stay busy

After much debating the final decision is here staying Americano US market for reals ese!
225/50/15 R888
Konig Hypergram 15x8 +35offset Metalic Carbon with machine lip.

EP3 Type R Rear Honda emblem with Si Badge from a CRX. I always liked this style lettering over any other Si logo ever made.

As much as I want to get the hybrid racing shifter box for the EP3, I just don’t want to spend $380 on that at the moment so I found this kit online and will give it a try. I’m sure will be better than stock

Passenger fender liner so both can be new ready for install.
3.5” to 4” intake couples
And some other small pieces for shits and giggles


Final Strech :honey_pot::honey_pot::honey_pot:


EP’s look so good in yellow, not a fan of the bumper cut but that’s personal.

Dang that’s quick work for sure!

Great execution on the car, can’t wait to hear it fired up