LSVTEC question

Delete if not allowed. I’m currently working on a b20b block with a b16a2 head. I looked on honda-tech forums saying that the water pump (19200-p72-013) and timing belt (14400-p2t-004) MUST match. I run the belt over the crank, over the exhaust cam, around the tensioner and water pump, and up to the intake side where there is about an inch left for the belt to loop on the gear. My opinion is I think I need a GSR timing belt, however I dont want to have to buy a part I dont need. Any help is appreciated

Hey man, im actually going the same lsv route except b18 block. I dont know how much help this is but what i know is that your water pump, tensioner, and belt all have to match. I heard GSR is the best route also.

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For your timing belt, it depends on which water pump you use. If you use a B20 or LS water pump, use an LS or B20 timing belt. If you use a B16 or GSR water pump, use a GSR timing belt.

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So I ended up getting a gates timing belt for a 94 gsr integra and it ended up fitting. I hope this is useful information on other users going the same route!