B18 engine setups

Let’s see those b18 engine setups and power outputs!

Posting just to get the ball rolling.

My extremely simple JDM b18c 00 Spec. Stock internals with the intake and OE JDM full exhaust making 198whp tuned using S300 V2.


usdm itr pistons
Skunk2 tuner series stage 2 cams.
Ct icebox, itr intake tube, 66mm throttle body, and skunk2 intake manifold.
Toda style header and 2.5 inch exhaust. Made 186 hp


Nice numbers with just I/H/E and tune?

What’s that intake ?

Looks clean man! Chipped ecu?

Correct. To note this is the 00’ spec not the 98. The 00’ made a little more power. I was very happy with the numbers.

I will note it was an imported motor that could have been modded in some way internally. But from removing the valve cover it was never tampered with.

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Its a 1/1 I designed and had a buddy make. 3in to 4in titanium to 4in to 10in carbon velocity stack.

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Thanks, never knew there was a difference in 98 and '00 spec.

Always thought it only pertained to 96-97. How much of a difference and what was done differently from the factory?

Yes sir. 3 kinda versions.

I dont exactly recall the difference (i used to know). Its nothing crazy to start a man hunt over. With a little serching you may find the differences. Sorry i cant remember lol.

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Thank you! it’s on hondata s300

99 B16B stroked to 1.8L

Some bigger details:
ITR Crank, Rods & Pistons
Skunk 2 Cams & Valve-train
CTR Tranny w/ Excedy Clutch & Flywheel
Hasport Mounts
Hybrid Shifter
J’s intake (real)
Mishimoto Rad & Slim Fan
Odyssey Battery
Spoon everything else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That thing is absolutely sick man!! I’m kinda new to the Honda game so sorry for a noob question but is there any advantages to stroking to 1.8 instead of b18 swap?

A ckoser look at the intake.


That’s sick man! Good quality!

B16 head
Super tech head package
Ae111 ITBS


The b16b is a de stroked b18c. So if you change the internals, it’s cheap and you gain a few horsepower and still maintain reliability

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Sick lsv setup man! Did you get flat valves? I’m looking into the same setup and I was wondering which valves to go with

What a clean and beautiful setup. What header is that? How’s the ground clearance?

86x95 2.3l b16/b18