Mikey's Red GSR Build Thread

That looks amazing :sunglasses:


makin me feel hella old! nice restoration!


The end result looks too good. Love how you contrasted the Regas with the mugen gen2. More pics!

Awesome build, glad to see you back again after your previous R. :+1:

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Thanks everyone! :smiley:



the NWP4LIFE plate frame a1

@Bitanga Despite all, thanks for not giving up on this car. :muscle: :+1:

This has been one of the most beautiful stories and projects in the community also now.

Your dad must be :clap: :smiley: !


Attended (for the first time) the 13th Annual Weenie Fest.

My friend Carlo (@my_carlow on IG) was kind enough to help me trailer my Integra to Clovis, CA with his EG since everyone knows my luck with road trips and my Integra’s… I drove about an hour to him and his trailer and on the way back we unloaded early (2 hour drive) because I wanted to drive the car LOL.
Unfortunately the bad luck still hit and I should’ve left it on the trailer but at least I didn’t blow up the motor! :joy: - Another reason I trailered it was because I have a small coolant leak on my radiator and my mom + dog came with me.

We took home some hardware! I got “Best Of Fest” and Carlo took home “Best Engine Bay”.

It was nice to see some familiar and new faces. Can’t wait for the next event!



Not much going on. New windshield being installed next week and I’ve been buttoning up small things here and there. It’s honestly NEVER ending but I’m almost at the point where I have nothing to do to it myself. I’ll be wrapping my Voltex wing in red, just as a test run to see how it would look color matched. Pretty much all that’s left is windshield, paint correction and ceramic coat.

Here’s a couple pics and also of my Hellcat!

Also slapped the Gen 2 on for a bit. I’m honestly not a big fan, I prefer the ITR spoiler over anything but it’s aiiiight.:rofl:


I agree with you. I respect the rarity of the mugen wing, but that itr wing looks best IMO