Post Your Suspension Setup (Brand, spec, coilovers, bushings, control arms, sway bars)


  • Suspension -

KW Variant 3 w/ 8kg 140mm front springs

Hyperco helper springs (front)

Stanceparts pneumatic air cups (front)

Viair 1.5gal tank

Viair 275C compressor 150psi

  • Chassis -

OEM 02+ NSX-R front upper chassis bar

OEM 02+ NSX-R front lower chassis bar

Comptech 22.22mm sway bar (front+rear)

Ayotte Technologies rear camber kit (+et)

Cedar Ridge rear beam bearings (+et)

Cedar Ridge rigid toe links

Cedar Ridge front lower bearings (-et)

Cedar Ridge front sway bar end links

Cedar Ridge noncompliant front clamps

Spoon Sports rigid collars (front + rear)

SOS front engine mount

STMPO rear strut tower bar

OEM 96-98 TL lug studs (front + rear)


Very simple S2000 lowering set up!*

  • Swift spec R springs
  • EVS Tuning half shaft spacers
  • Alignment

*absolutely no modification or rubbing issues.


Full ek9 5 lug suspension, full powder coated
Energy suspension bushings
Ek9 front sway bar
Skunk front uppers
Tein coilovers
Skunk rear uppers, and lowers
Esm trailing arm bushings
Asm rear sway bar
Asm subframe brace
Asm sway links
All new OEM hardware throughout


Don’t have any photos as the car is still in progress and sitting on stock suspension until it runs. But here is the setup.

AMR Engineering coilovers with 11k front, 9k rear Hyperco springs
Tanabe Sustec 30mm front and 22mm rear sway bars, Energy Sus endlinks
FatFour Customs solid 3pt front and 2pt rear strut bars
FatFour Customs Billet LCAs and Toe arms
Replaced a bunch of bushings and balljoints as well, kept rubber as I wanted something longer lasting and lower maintenance than poly.

Eibach Sportline
Eibach 32mm front sway bar / urethane bushings
Whiteline adjustable sway bar endlinks

Ground control springs / custom spring rates
Ground control adjustable collars
RV6 dual adjustable lower control arms with hiem joints
RV6 dual adjustable tie rod with hiem joints
SPC dual adjustable camber arms
RV6 billet sway bar endlinks with spherical bearings
Eibach 25mm dual adjustable rear sway bar / urethane bushings


-Circuit hero front and rear strut bars
-BC racing BR series coilovers
-PCI front upper control arms
-Hardrace front lower control arms
-Hardrace roll center adjusters
-Hardrace rear lower control arms
-Hardrace rear camber arms
-Hardrace rear toe arms
-Hardrace trailing arm brushings

Coming soon:
ASR sway bar set up


How do you like those PCI front upper control arms? They don’t feel too harsh being solid mounted?

*Onlins DFV Coilovers 14k F / 6K R
*Buddy club upper control arms
*S2 Spherical front lower control arms
*PCI spherical compliance bushings
*PCI rear Camber arms
*PCI rear toe arms
*F7 Rear lower control arms
*JDM ITR rear sway bar
*USDM ITR front sway bar


Progress Coilovers
Rear suspension refresh PCI Rear LCAS
PCI rear Camber Kits PCI Sway bar End links Progress Swaybar and Subframe Brace
Hardrace RTA Bushing
Working on front suspension refresh will post when complete


Both emphasized text
Koni Gc Extended top hats
Type R sway bars
Asr endlinks
Comptech Brace DC
ASR brace Ek
Funtion 7 LCA on both


Silvers NA 12/14k 2 way coil. Truhart uppers, Wilwood brake 11.75 ITR. ASR rear, Hardrace swaybar

Did progress bring back the brace, or is that old stock?

Taken yesterday to see how the A048R clear