Spoon wide angle mirror

Have a question, hope someone can give me some more insight.

I want to add a Spoon wide angle rear view mirror in my 4th gen hatch, I have one in my EG hatch and I love it. Want the same thing in my EC hatch but Spoon doesn’t offer anything for that chassis. Is there someone who has a Spoon mirror in there 4th gen hatch and for what chassis was the mirror originally ment for ?
I know I could use a clip on broadway but that always fights with the sunvisors and I want to keep the oem look.

Hope someone can help me out.

JPHUSA sells Spoon wide rear view mirrors for almost every model (1989-91 included). You can buy one directly from them, no alteration required.

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Thank you, if I check the Spoon Sports Europe website (I’m from Belgium) it doesn’t give me all those options. They don’t list a '89-'91 civic. But the JPHUSA website showed me that I can use one for a EK9 since the part numbers are the same.


That’s great news! And good call out on the part number.