Weight reduction for track. 96-00

Howdy, completely new to this as Facebook has been the only option. What is everyone doing for weight reduction on you 96-00 civics? I currently do hdpe and autocross and I’m looking to lose a lot of weight. Is the bar in the car under the seat needed? Should be 3 metal bars weighing around 30lbs under the rear seat on a ej8 coupe.


Do you mean the metal piece under the rear seat?

It’s a 99-00 thing. I don’t have it in my 96-98 EK.

It’s a little bit of reinforcement tho.
I would take it out if you got a rollcage or rollbar.

Yeah that bar. Figure if I’m already running sway bar, strut bar, brace, and harness bar that the body should be fine.

you could cut the door skins and remove the door bars, remove the front and rear crash bars for the bumpers. seeing as you have harnesses remove all plastic and take out the sound deadening material on the floor and remove the carpet and all the SRS stuff, including factory seatbealts and also airbags. that’ll cut a bunch of weight. All of this will help in the long run


Definitely will start that soon. Gotta find some dry ice. I’ll weigh my car soon and get some numbers down

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The sway bars don’t help you with reinforcement. You rather need more, to use them properly or to not damage the body or attachment points (ASR Brace)

I see you got a sunroof too. That’s alot of weight at the highest point
You could remove it and plug it

i did a bit of a weight reduction this past week, just so u get a general idea of how much u will lose,
The sound deadening was around 30lbs, the underdash foam deadening around 13lbs, carpet is around 10lbs, also i agree with @Projekt_2nr all of the seatbelts and their mechanisms surprisingly heavy, now if u wanna go crazy besides the sunroof, maybe remove the heater core and fan under the dash.

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I think I may keep the heater core and fan since I do have some issues on smaller tracks with overheating. As for the sunroof I’ll probably look to replace the glass with something else. I may just keep the center bar as the car is still street legal. Seat belts will go soon along with the airbags

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good good, just don’t get carried away :sweat_smile: i was also always saying, yeah i will keep it civil on the inside, full interior etc hehe, and now here i am, i do also keep it street legal just have to carry a blanket with me for the cold mornings :smile:


That’s actually really clean how did you go about with painting the interior

It’s a 97-00 thing. 96 civics don’t have them @Micha

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