Back to basics DC integra

I picked up this 2000 Integra GS a couple months back with intentions of daily driving it seeing as I commute a good distance to work and I enjoy keeping miles off my other vehicles. It also feels great to be wrenching on a Honda again.

My wife’s accord makes this thing look even smaller

The good it has a B16a swap already
the JDM front end conversion is already there despite needing work for the price and the fact Integras are scarce in my area I figured its a good base to start with.

The bad :

Broken taillaight and bumper filler is dented .
Broken driver door handle
Paint is crap especially engine bay color and the body has some flaws
Trans is junk absolutely like rocks in a jar lol
Lots of ebay crappy parts
Leaky radiator held in by zip ties

I picked up an EM1 trans locally to replace the stock unit.
Also a Competition Clutch oem replacement clutch kit .
A buddy of mine yanked the drivetrain for me and I took the opportunity to paint the bay black
and my buddy helped clean up the wiring disaster from the previous owner and installed an OEM Oil pressure sensor to replace the aftermarket gauge it had.

An aluminum radiator was installed along with a new fan.

The exhaust it came with was huge and loud so I ordered a Vibrant performance muffler to replace it.

The car had no side skirts and was missing a lot of little parts i have had to source and paint.
we picked up a door handle and an oem cluster bezel to replace the broken items

The car came on 14 inch HX wheels and so I’m going to a 15 for winter and a 16 come spring.

The car has a long way to go but it drives great my father in law polished the headlights for me and I swapped the ebay coilovers it came on to some Tein springs for daily duty.

Much more to come thanks for reading.


Good to see someone save this project. Are you running the vibrant with a resonator? How is the tone and sound level now?

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yes there is a resonator no cat. it sounds very mild imo perfect balance between stock and aftermarket 2.25 inch piping from the resonator back header is a 1320 performance unit.


Nice pick up and a nice project to get going. I think keeping the piping the 2.25 is great choice for a daily driven car. :ok_hand:

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It was 37 degrees out but the car was so dusty it needed a wash bad !

I have been driving it everyday to find any bugs that need to be worked out, the exterior needs a trip to the body shop eventually after I cut the roof off in spring in favor for one sans moonroof ( this one leaked and was repaired poorly)

I am still looking for a few items:
oem JDM front lip.
a minty oem valve cover
plastic trim in front of door sills
hood release plastic
trunk and gas door release plastics

thanks for continuing to read.

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good to have NWP back.

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Also what the majority of my attention goes towards automotive wise these days my 85 SSP


The stang is a beauty. Engine specs?

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Nice build, excited to see the progress.

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thanks its a very basic 5.3 from a tahoe thats been completely gone through Elgin camshaft, PAC valvesprings / retainers and BTR pushrods some ARP hardware, Holley oil pan and Holley intake, Forced inductions billet BB 80mm turbo blah blah blah lol

Built Ford tough with chevy parts :muscle: I dig it

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