Mikenac's 2000 EX Coupe Build

I recently picked up a 2000 Coupe from a friend and have officially started my first Honda (car) build. The paint on the car is pretty rough but the interior was in great shape. Unfortunately there are a few rust spots ( driver’s side rear quarter and driver’s side bottom door edge) but our body shop has already sourced some panels to replace them with.

Day 1

I immediately brought to car to the body shop for them to start working on it and also found the rear bumper support is heavily rusted as well, but that should not stop them from working on it.

A good friend of mine found a nice Integra GSR to swap the engine, trans, and rear disc brakes off of as well!


As of today i have already picked up quite a few Spoon parts and other pieces to help with the swap. The wheels and tires showed up as well… 15x8 +28 RPF1s with some sticky Ecstas

I look forward to sharing the rest of the progress with you as I go!



Here are some pictures of the OEM parts I have collected for the build. I was able to get some new CTR headlights as well as a bunch of other little JDM goodies that I am stoked about.

CTR headlights

Airbag tray

Antenna delete parts

Fender marker light parts


Shift knob and boot to go with my used manual trans panel

And some other misc parts

I was having trouble finding a replacement cardboard piece that goes under the trunk carpet but found someone who cut one out that is a little thicker from wood.


Spoon…and 1 mugen part!!!

Sweet reservoir covers

Intake Parts

Steering wheel parts

Suspension parts

Cool wiper blades, spark plugs, and a Mugen filter

Last but not least is the N1


VSM gang! Man I wish they still made BNIB CTR headlights for the 97-98

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Damn Mike! Can’t wait to see the outcome homie!

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Honestly idk the difference in the two yet lol. What different?

Thanks! Hoping to be as clean as yours :wink:

Some of the oddball new OEM parts have made it in. New rearview mirror, pedal pads, gas cap, etc…

I also have two more items to add to my spoon collection as well! A Shift bushing kit and thermostat.

Special thanks to @ELIFK8 for this oil cap I got from him years ago that I found in the garage too lol

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Looks good man. Nice collection of parts you got stock piled to go on!

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Thanks! Can’t wait to get everything installed.

Looks good! I have. New BNIB mirror I would’ve sold you. But I guess it never hurts To have backup

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Shoot if I would’ve known I would have bought it from you. If you have anything else you are wanting to sell let me know!

Aiight bet! I’ll see what I can dig up. I have OEM clutch lines that are brand new. I’ll see what else

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Car is finally painted and being reassembled! I chose to go back with the original VSM color.


Hell yeah VSM gang!!

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Nice!!! Keep it up bro!

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FINALLY! It is done with paint and got all new seals! It will be detailed Friday and then it’s coming home to get some new headlights ASAP lol