EG build (and more) from the Netherlands

I’d be surprised if anyone actually remembers me or any of my cars.
So quick introduction.
31 years young from the Netherlands. Been driving Honda’s since I was 18 (legal driving age here)
Living together with my fiance who is into Honda’s (cars in general) as well
Have several Honda’s which are slightly modified (OEM+)

Starting of with this one, my first EG, owned for 2 years.

Then I bought a CRX, always wanted some of a project car. This was stripped, painted and then build back up with OEM new parts.
This is in 2010

And now in 2020 on the RNR’s

The CRX was “finished” year later, 2011, so after that I wanted to redo the EG, but it had some rust and at the time I didn’t feel like fixing that. So I sold that one but not before I had a new shell to work from

2011 I bought a freshly painted EG4 shell in Bayside Blue.

By 2012 it was road ready.
Full EG6 interior.
And a lot more followed.

7 years of daily driving and just collecting parts this was it’s final form for me. I didn’t want to sell but emission zones meant I needed something newer as a daily driver.
Spoon Sports parts
Loved this look

In the mean time some other cars were purchased though. One got out of hand in terms of a quick fix and keep it simple.
My 1G CRX, full restoration. A load of BNIB parts. Full repaint. Rare parts. Money well spent…
This thing was rusty. Floor pan was rusted out and wheel arches. But this time I wanted to do the welding myself, that was the reason to buy this thing actually, practice.

Collecting parts over a 2 year time frame

Result, a very expensive old CRX.

And because I thought the CRX was gonna be easy and cheap I thought a S2000 would be nice to add.
USDM import, 2003, low mileage. Summer car for sure.

After selling the Bayside Blue EG I needed a new daily.
Always loved the FN2 (I know these get a lot of hate)
Needed some special though, and man did I find one.
It’s a left hand drive Deep Sapphire Blue FN2. 112 were build and most are RHD (for the United Kingdom)
2019 - January just picked it up in Germany

2020 - January
OEM GP kit added. Rays RE30. Spoon exhaust. Seeker spoiler

Picture from last week, with my new project car in the background.

And the fiance her car just to make it complete. 2017. Pushed her to get some real wheels, she bought the RNR’s. Fake lips and all that stuff still going on. D14 engine.

June 2020. B16a. OEM EK9 lip, grill, wing. ION headlights she absolutely wanted. MF10’s.

That brings us to the current EG build I have going on. I knew I needed something stock and something “special”.
EG4 Lausanne Green Pearl. Bronze tinted windows. Black interior. Low miles and stock. Clear coat peel and everything


Hey Leon,

Nice builds and great to see that you keep working on those Honda’s. They all look amazing.

Een genot voor het oog!

Good to see more dutch people over here!
Love the projects and a page to keep up with your builds.

And still rocking the Recaro’s in the Fiance her EK, I see

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Thanks David, some things never change I guess :stuck_out_tongue: . En bedankt :wink:

Yes definitely :smiley: .
Will do man, updating the EG build thread today.

And yes she is still in love with them, they cleaned up nicely