EG - Lausanne Green Pearl

Here is a “small” introduction

So on to the EG.
It’s a rare car in a couple ways.
Firstly it is stock, like really stock, only a headunit and some rear speakers screwed in the parcel shelf (I mean that is the only way right…)
Then it is a special trim level here in the Netherlands, Silverstone, basically means a EG4 Lsi without the Lsi options (which are a power sunroof, mirrors and windows).
The color, it’s Lausanne Green Pearl, also found on the SiR and Anniversary models.
Bronze tinted windows is the other cool thing along with the full black interior panels.

THIS was the exact model I was looking for, didn’t want anything else. So when my fiance found one online it was sorted in a couple days.

Miles on it ±57.500.

Original clear coat peel as well … :expressionless:

Plans: Enough, well I say that but it’s actually pretty simple. Restore it and add quality parts.
Spoon and Mugen with some OEM goodies are enough for these cars.
Going for a simple B series swap as I just love those engines

Washed, probably not in the last couple years :rofl:

After a wash and a very quick polish.