Frost White 97 Integra RS Build Thread

Whats going on guys I want to share my 97 RS Build,

I picked up this RS thanks to a buddy of mine who helped me find it. (oemish.eh2)

Now a little back story on me and my obsession with cars ( in the words of my wife)
I got my first Honda back in 2009 and never looked back first car was a 95 civic coupe auto handed down to me, sold that bought a 99 Integra LS, due to pressing circumstances (had a baby) sold that bought a 89 Nissan hard body traded that for a 91 DA9 which got hit totaled out bought an EJ1 all my “builds” at that time consisted of Wheels suspension exhaust and that was it lol gave up the Honda game for a while after selling my EJ1 and bought an 08 Infiniti G35 Sedan had that car for a couple years did bolt on’s suspension wheels etc. but due to the job I had I ended up getting a Company car and had no need for a car note for a car I didn’t drive. Sold that and ended my “car obsession” for a couple years got into bikes and full circle I’m back to where it all started with this 97 Integra RS.

Here are some photos of my previous cars.


Goals for the car is very simple,
keep the car simple and clean and do occasional track days and some cars and coffees.
full suspension make over, eventually do a B20v or just find a clean B18C1 for a fun track car.
I have a 9 year old son who is interested and I’m building this with him to support both my hobby and what I hope will be come a hobby for him. (wife’s going to hate that cuz i have a 1 year old that will follow his foot steps lol )

Car was bought completely stock with an exception of the B20 from HMO the previous owner had dropped in after his LS had gave out on him, and type r door panels.

First day of me owning the car

So within the First week I purchased a couple Items for the car to get it started, I Ordered Progress CSIII Coilovers, NRG Short Hub and Quick Release, K-Tuned Shifter and K-Tuned Knob my buddy gave me, Now I wasn’t planning on doing a build thread since I didn’t really use Honda-Tech Forums so I didn’t bother taking photos of the coilovers or the installation but during the installation I also did a full tune up on the car, oil, plugs, wires, cap & rotor etc.

I also work at a body shop as a Lead Tesla Estimator and Diagnostics so I called in some favors and had the Front and Rear bumpers painted and the Driver Side fender color matched as it was Taffeta white and the car is frost white had them clear the headlamps and polish the car

so after I lowered and got it Polished and painted this is what the car looked like

Got around to taking care of my interior, I for some reason kept my Momo Monte Carlo 330 after my last Honda I guess I knew I was going to eventually buy another car I could use it in. and here it is. simple is always better

Soon after I picked up these 16x7 Wedsport TC-05 staggered Offset +32 & +42

I found on offer up an Apexi 2.5 Mid Pipe ordered a Vibrant Muffler and added a custom pie cut turn down I haven’t taken a better picture of the muffler once welded but the last one shows it.

I got an SIR lip for the car to really complete the front end.

Here’s how the car looked for a while.

so after a drive to Rival Machines Cars and coffee on my way home I noticed my temp gauge was acting funny when I got home realized that one of my coolant hoses was leaking so I decided to replace all my coolant hoses, radiator, thermostat, and cooling fans. since I was pulling my rad I decided to install my Type R Header and a Type R arm and CT Air box. also did my oil pan gasket and Valve Cover Gasket just to avoid and leaks.

Heres the final Product.

Skunk 2 Radiator and Rad Hoses,
Mishimoto Slim Fans with Shroud,

Excuse the smudge on the valve cover didn’t have time to wash the engine bay. lol

So after while this was done I had on order some meat and picked up some new wheels for track purposes

Kosei K1 and some Federal 595 RS-PRO

Also picked up a GSR Trans got an Action clutch stage 3 clutch and new axles got that all done unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the process and the parts i know dumb of me lol but also did my front ball joints went with Buddy Club Extended ball joints…

and then after months of piecing together I got all my parts for my rear suspension refresh right before Club Racer Track event at Buttonwillow and also did my brake rotors pads and lines,

R1 Concepts Carbon Geomet Rotors and their Racing Pads Goodrich Lines, and Motul RBF600 Dot 4 Brake Fluid

PCI Lower Control Arms, Rear Camber Kit, Progress Sway bar and Brace, Hardrace RTA Bushing

Talk about needing RTA bushings lol

After Installing Everything also changed my muffler for something a bit louder for the track lol

Drove the car to work and did an alignment on it changed fluids and got it ready for track day.

align2 align

also changed up my steering wheel for a Personal Trophy 350mm in Suede (picked up from EF_chris) with Aerogenics Horn Button Delete right before track day and a Battle Craft Knob, I have a fast line shifter sitting at home just haven’t had the time to install.

Also since I had a E-bay Sir Lip that thing ripped of lol so I am now in search for a JDM Type R lip or a 97 spec ITR Lip which I know will be near impossible to find lol

But here’s some pics of the car at the track at Buttonwillow

Drove the car there and back did about 4 sessions and I have to say the car performed as expected no issues, since it was my first track event I ran a 2:30 as my “PB” but will def go back and actually drive the car just wanted to get a feel for the car suspension and to learn the track.

I will continue to post on here as I continue to change things up
currently working on buying everything for my front suspension refresh
possibly picking up a swap for the car.

thank you guys for reading up until this point!

Here’s my Instagram if you guys want to follow me on social media.
IG: Nappy_g_


Really love the story in this. Car seems solid, Wedsports really set the car off


Thank you! yeah wedsports have always been a top favorite JDM wheel for me.

Love the car. The 94-97 front has kind of grown on me. I have also yet to find a integra that doesn’t have a destroyed RTA bushing lol.


Awesome build! Can’t wait for more updates.

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Was that a spec 2 I see :eyes:. Great job so far :+1:

So I traded my koseis with cash on top for these te37 and picked up a spoon style lip !


ooo man that’s A GREAT LOOK!