My boring ej 4dr

so back in october of 2021 i decided i needed another honda …

talked to my homie and he said he knew of a 4dr that was for sale so i hopped on it .

photos i got of the car from him . good decent start and something i can mess with from time to time . when i got the car it was on some random coilovers , integra front knuckles . had ek4 mirrors , sir rep front and rear bumpers . del sol front seats and some really shitty 6 puck clutch that went

drove it around like this for a while then i started having trouble starting the car after it was warmed up , traced it down to a faulty head gasket . coolant would seep into the cyl and cause it to not want to start after driving for a little while . so while i was in there i replaced the gasket along with the intake manifold and all the hoses i got direct from honda . didnt really take photos of the process

after that fix ended up driving the car full time and really noticed all the blown out bushings and sloppiness of the car so i replaced the front bearings , hubs , ball joints , inner and outer tie rods , pads , rotors , control arms and sway bar bushings . eventually i replaced the sway bar with a blox 26mm but im horrible with taking photo’s !!

not too long after that i started grabbing parts to rear disc the car and overhaul the rear suspension as well . put in a brace , sway bar , lower control arms , swapped the spindles , new hubs , calipers , parking cables and brakes .

after all the the suspension was sorted i decided to change up the interior since that’s what you really see constantly and gives you the most feedback . wasn’t a fan of the del sol seats so those got replaced for a set of si seats . after that i changed out the full climate for a 99-00 and the center console for a domani and added a built by hutch cup holder to it . also added a set of oem black floor mats in there . this is my daily so its never too clean but its comfortable


somewhere in all that time i changed out my intake for a itr arm and ct ice box , fixed my ac compressor and have been gathering parts to slap a b18 into it for a full oem swap and eventually BAR it .

ill try and update this as i go along , i forget a lot and suck at photos so sorry in advance


Got a b series trans for a decent price so I started to tear it down . Just waiting for parts to arrive so I can rebuild it . Just a plain LS


Changed the wheels a while back and took this photo when it randomly snowed here in Southern California . Only “recent” photo I really have of the car


Finally washed my car and hit the paint with a polish . It’s single stage so the top has been getting hazy or milky since I got it . Really needs a full color correction but I’m really not all to bothered by it


The polishing really revived the old finish. I’d also be happy with it as it is!

Are the wheels k1 or p1? This car reminds me of old forum days. :grin:

Thanks for, and keep on those updates. :+1:t3:

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Thank you for the kind words ! They are k1

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Transmission is back together with new bearings , synchros and rings , seals and detent springs . Also ordered new studs for the case and all new crush washers from Honda . Still slowly getting all the swap parts I need . Basically down to needing a clutch kit , half shaft and axles and motor . Probably grab a b20 until I can find a good 98 b18b motor


Good stuff man. Liking the updates… Sorry if I missed it, but do you plan on going the b20v route or sticking to a stock b20?


What I really want to do is a complete stock 98 b18b and get it BAR’ed . Nothing crazy just simple and clean and retain ac and ps