MySpaceTOM's Progress thread for ITR #98-0833

I wanted to move this thread to NWP for your viewing pleasure. I owned this car back in 2016 and recently purchased it again in January 2023 from the guy I had sold it to. I’ll continue to move the content over and update it when possible. Enjoy!

*** Original Post date December 22, 2016 ***

New owner of #98-0833 :wave:

I’m a long-time member of this forum and have always dreamed of owning an ITR. A couple of months ago, that dream came true. Bought this car from a good friend who bought it from a guy who bought it from the original owner to flip. I am the 3rd titled owner to clarify.

The car has 260k on it. It’s exactly what I had always searched for. It is a nice enough starting point to build on but not a low-mileage gem that I would feel bad about taking to the track.

Here is how it sat not running when I picked it up. My good friend Matt and I had helped Ryan get the swap in and set everything up for emissions. After quite a few long nights the project never was finished and Ryan sold me the car at the point we had left it.

Loaded up on the trailer and time to get it home and iron out the details.

Got the car up and running after a few parts and diagnosing work done with Matt at my place.

That being said, I took it to Barber last Sunday for an HPDE. It was too cold and too rainy, but I took it out for three sessions. Barber is an amazing track, and I cannot wait to get the car back there in 2017 while dry.

Current plans for this car are to work on returning it to stock. This winter will see a teardown, bodywork, and fresh paint, along with some new molding, trim pieces, and a bushing kit

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*** January 15, 2017 Update ***

Today was the rescheduled Caffeine & Octane here in Atlanta. I took the caR out for some fun in the sun and met up with my friend Scott. He snagged a few pictures for me to share here.

This week, I will start tearing down the car for bodywork and paint. So enjoy these pictures for now…

DSCF3852 by Scott Bittle, on Flickr

DSCF3857 by Scott Bittle, on Flickr

DSCF3853 by Scott Bittle, on Flickr

DSCF3859 by Scott Bittle, on Flickr

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I have a background in automotive refinishing and decided to dive in, teardown, and paint this car in my apartment garage. I wish I had access to a booth or the money to pay someone to do this but that was not in the cards. I was making due with what I had.

Looking back at this picture, I was lucky to buy these items new from the dealer.

Here are some of the last photos taken before selling the car. I never completed the paint job, leaving the front lip, spoiler, and wheels unpainted.

The car was sold later in 2017 to a friend in South Carolina.

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*** January 3, 2023 UPDATE ***

I’m picking this car back up from the current owner on January 15th! Super excited. Already got my first upgrade in the mail for it today. Ohlins DFV’s.

​​​​​​​Don’t mind the 2000 ITR in the background. I’m selling that car to recoup funds spent buying back my 98 ITR.

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*** January 19, 2023 UPDATE ***

It’s been a long week! I flew out Sunday to pick up the car. It was my first time seeing the car in over 6 years. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. I know the car wasn’t perfect when I sold it, but dang, it’s been rough six years. I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me.

After driving home for 6 hours, I found out the car did not like to start. It’s random, kind of like the starter going out. Also, the power steering pump was puking fluid everywhere. The driver-side engine mount all but came unbolted. Someone was looking out for me on the way home. Not sure how that happened.

My impression of the car was it seemed to have sat for many years. The plate was last tagged in 2019. The car was filthy. I didn’t even get a pre-purchase car wash, which was much needed.

I got it home and got to work this week.

First up was a much-needed car wash. Just washing the car made a vast improvement and got me feeling good about the work ahead of me.

The first pic picking it up.

The next day getting ready for the first wash.


@MySpaceTOM Welcome back again to the forum! I’m happy you have been reunited with heR. :grinning:

Thanks for making these posts so they can be archived on NWP4Life. :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

It ain’t like old forum days but this is the closest it’s gonna get. :sweat_smile:

Looking foRward to seeing moRe adventuRe updates with this beauty! :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :grin:

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