Precision Rifle, Long Range Shooting, Hunting, PRS and NRL Thread

Hey all,
It’s been quite a while since I was involved with a car build, so to occupy my time I really got into firearms. More specifically the long range competition space.
This will be a thread to share similar interests whether that be hunting, competition or MIL/LEO.
Share your current or previous set ups and ask any questions about long range equipment, rifle set up, reloading questions or questions in general about how to get into the long range space.

I currently shoot with the Precision Rifle Series. I qualified for the North East Finale, but had a scheduling conflict so I couldn’t make it. Didn’t shoot enough 2 day matches this year for the National.

To get this party kicked off I’ll post my rig from this year. Basic rundown:
-MDT ACC Chassis
-Curtis Custom Vector Action
-Zero Compromise Optic 5-27
-MDT Ckyepod
-Cerakote work done by me
-6mm Dasher Caliber