BB6 Cross Country Acquisition - Build Journal

So what started as small talk in December 2018 via instagram about the cars setup, turned into January of 2020 putting a deposit down on the exact same car and starting the plan of a cross country road trip to obtain said car.

2001 Honda Prelude Base with Manual Transmission (H23 Swapped with LSD Trans, Tein coilovers, and Hondata)

It’s not some uber-elite car but to me is a bucket list item.

Car was fully addressed and made road/track worthy over ownership. Multiple modifications to make “ultimate driving machine”.

Buyer actually delivered car to my cousins house in Vista since he was in the process of moving 3 states away.

Flew out on February 11th from Houston IAH to San Diego.

Sue me I’m not photogenic

Arrived in San Diego around 8PM and we got an Uber to my cousins house to sleep (bodies where still on Texas time).

Woke up February 12th and road tested car around neighborhood and drove fantastically! Spent the rest of the day doing tourist things and spending time with family.

Oceanside Pier

Good relaxing day and enjoyed the getaways from life GREATLY!

Awoke February 13th and began RoadTrip home

15 minutes later (or 6 miles as I like to recall)EPIC FAILURE! On a slight right curve in the road passenger side wheel fell off from result of a failed passenger lower ball joint, which in turn caused axle to snap.

GREAT, AWESOME - Living La Vida Loca

My wife doesn’t kill me, and actually the vehicle behind us pulled over to assist. They ended up having TripleA and footed the tow bill after seeing how bummed I was in our current event.

Got vehicle towed to the closest reputable shop I found (in my least bit of sanity). This shop was Hal’s Auto Repair in Oceanside.

Before arriving I had already called and informed of failures and what parts where going to be needed. Upon inspection at Hal’s I made the decision to go ahead and replace both lower ball joints, both axles, and both transmission seals. ALSO found passenger tire to be excessively chewed from impact to fender. They got vehicle around 11:00-11:20 and had it completed and road worthy by 4:00 same day. (three thumbs up).

Spent the night at my cousins AGAIN just to regain composure and rest my brain. At this rate if the car breaks every 6 miles it’ll be brand new by the time we complete the 1,600+ mile drive home.

February 14th (Happy Valentines to my wife)
We make the drive from Vista, CA to Chandler, AZ.

Over time on the internet I had made a good friend in the area and had planned on actual meeting up and grabbing dinner. The drive was flawless and no more hiccups on this day.

BUT FIRST a stop by to say hello to @icbmatt . Made parts list for my brother in law for his DB Integra ITR swap so scrolled through and placed my order in person with Mr ICB

Some of the pickups

Departed from here with the goods and headed to dinner with David at Potbelly’s (once again wife didn’t complain about three-wheeling haha). Was good times at catching up followed by some great coffee/custard spot David talked about (three thumbs up). That was the end of the evening and we departed back to hotel for some sleep.

February 15th
Woke up after good rest and got some generic hotel “continental breakfast” for the AM. Ran by the mall to get the niece/nephews some gifts

Started our trip towards Tonto National Forest and my failed attempts to learn to start vehicle due to the Hondata Theft feature engaged (hahha should have seen my Hulk rage)

Arizona/New Mexico border

Made it safely and checked into our hotel from the days journey. ONLY AFTER figuring out back in the early 1900’s it was a Psych Ward (wife still not made at me)

February 16th on the road to Texas

Had to stop at Santa Rosa RT66 Museum

Got serious about getting home so drove further than expected but got hungry and did more RT66 photo-op’s

Got some LATE lunch at a Mexican spot in Amarillo

Finished the drive to Wichita Falls to our last hotel for the trip.

February 17th the departure back “home”
Since the incident from day one the hood and passenger fender where damaged from impact. So found JDM fenders and hood in Houston.

Drove back home to Beaumont and made arrangements to get Uhaul on February 18th and make a parts run to Houston for my front end parts and brother in law to snag an ITR front end.

Completed Parts Haul

So I got matching fenders, replacement hood, and second hand 17” BBS RX’s

So that was probably the most entertaining 5 days of my life and definitely a great step to test any marriage!


After ownership was hard to find flaws, but excuses to upgrade will always outweigh logic

Removed front seats to clean interior, installed steering hub w/ Nardi, DC2R shift boot, and HybridRacing shift knob.

After driving decided cheap would be more effective. Replaced both front and rear swaybar bushings with Energy Suspension and HardRace swaybar endlinks.

Continued driving and found rear may need to be tightened, installed UltraRacing Rear Underbrace.

Got some extraextra money and ordered and installed Innovative Driver engine and Passenger Transmission mount, along with SpeedFactory Detent springs

Ugly factory mount

Did some research for some figuring on installing C-Pillar brace, found an option from EM Racing, trimmed rear panel to fit (not the best but oh well)

From there I rerouted the catch can and deleted emissions to clean up engine bay and is where i got strike 2.

I misrouted the catch can and caused excessive pressure causing front crank seal to push out, but was dumb and blamed the engine. So left catch can alone, drove 3 miles and oil leak returned. Parked car sold some parts off of it and realized how much of an idiot I was.

So now I’m saving money to repurchase some needed items and getting back to road worthy.

Current engine bay picture (also installed CircuitHero plug cover, Koyo Radiator w/ Factory hoses, FFC Radiator mounts, Mugen Radiator cap, TracTuff Oil Cap, and Comptech battery hold down)

Made the decision to STOP GIVING UP on projects and making this my life long project.

May be quite a bit before the next update, but will keep the story going eventually.


STOP GIVING UP. I like that. I’m in for this journey :+1:. Great start

Indeed, never give up. I have an EG hatch that’s been a project for about 11 years now, it has never seen the road. Life happened and other projects that came along too but I’m not getting rid of it. After I finish my current build, I’m focussing back on that car. It needs to be finished :smiley:

Best of luck with the prelude man

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time to add NOS! :rofl:

whats goood homie!

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Not much dude, just doing what I can :+1:t2:

You probably sitting on a goldmine at your place by now haha