Toda Oil Control Orifice Install AP1/AP2

Here is the install guide for the recently released Toda Oil Control Orifice. As per Toda the point in installing the orifice is to optimize oil flow to the head and the block’s journal rod bearings. From their description excessive oil supplied to head at high RPMs leads to wear on bearings in the block from inadequate oil supply. I would suppose this piece works best in conjunction with the baffled oil pan also made by Toda.

  1. Remove air intake box, strut bar, and engine torque damper if installed. After, remove 3 bolts holding in VTEC Solenoid.

  2. Insert supplied orifice with install bolt into top hole as pictured,

  3. Carefully insert fitting by hammering it into place until it is 1-2mm below mounting surface. (Use feeler gauge as required)

  4. If required, lightly file away lip on mounting surface if present. Ensure it is as flush as possible with rest of mounting surface.

  5. Reinstall VTEC Solenoid after prepping surface by removing any contamination resulted from hammering or filing the surface. Tighten to 16 ft-lbs.

  6. Test start and ensure no leaks from solenoid after proper warm up. Follow up with a test drive engaging VTEC to ensure it spools up and oil leak is not present.

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Thank you for sharing this writeup and including pictures! Sounds like something to look into installing if you have F20C or F22C1 engine. :smiley::pray: