Under Pressure Racing V8 S2000 Build

Hey Guys,

We wanted to share another one of our Honda projects going on. This one is a V8 platform being purpose built for drag racing, A pro-street S2000? We are working on updating the cage to 25.5 right now and getting motor plates and mounting dialed in.

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Interested in working with us? shoot us an email upracingdevelopment@gmail.com


This past week we completed body cleanup as well as a custom fire wall and some engine bay modifications to allow more room for the manifolds. #underpressureracing @underpressureracing


Under Pressure Racing produces such amazing work!

Always nice to see your work in progress with these projects. :+1:

Appreciate that. We will keep the updates coming :call_me_hand:t3: we always share more to our IG though if you want to look at other projects we have going on.

Moving along to additions on the roll cage and reinforcing the underside of the car.


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