Under Pressure Racing X HotBox Farms DC Build

Hey guys, we wanted to share one of our current builds that is gaining some ground now that the paint is done.

A DC Integra purpose built for drag racing.

All work done by us.

We will keep adding to this now that the re assembly is under way :+1:t3:



Happy New Year to everyone. We wanted to share progress on our Integra build for HotBox Farms.

Since our last post we have pieced the body of the car along with small accessories back together. We moved into our new shop In Tenino, Wa and now begin the process of putting the whole car together and are really excited about the direction. Shooting to run 7’s.

follow along @underpressureracing under-pressureracing.com

If you are interested in working with us, shoot us an email upracingdevelopment@gmail.com


Now that the Owner EG is going home with him temporarily. We have moved the big dog DC to begin working on the turbo kit, getting suspension dialed in and start plumping brake lines and electronics. #underpressureracing