Under Pressure Racing X HotBox Farms EG Build

We just got underway on another purpose built drag car. This time a Civic EG.

In the past week we have stripped it clean. We have removed the roof, removed the core support and now stitch welding, removing sound deading and undercoating as well as filling all unnecessary factory holes. That is in preparation for the roll cage we are about to design :+1:t3: Stay tuned.



Quality work, liking the editing style of these pics also. What is the usual set time for these types of builds?

Thank you! our instagram @underpressureracing has a lot more photo work like this. We did some heavy game planning and parts buying with the customer before this project started so hopefully this one can be completed around or before summer time . It just varies with how detailed you want it to be.

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Some updates with the Roll Cage work. A 25.5 Chromoly cage in the works.


The attention to detail. :+1:

If you ever offer a bolt in chromoly setup that is better and effective design than the cusco, I would consider it.

Pluggin along on the 25.5 sfwd Eg Cage since we moved into our new shop. We are on to front end reinforcement and motor mount work now. :checkered_flag: @underpressureracing under-pressureracing.com

If you are interested in having work done with us shoot us an email upracingdevelopment@gmail.com


Moving along on the EG build. We received our 6.00 Safety cert. Now Moving on to body panel fitment, mounting the 240LB weight plate and continuing onto the turbo kit.

Follow along @underpressureracing


Some updates of the Hatch from the this week. Getting the new body panels fitted, setting up custom pedals, steering etc. Even got the cage coated and roof on. #underpressureracing


Now that we have the heavy duty work done, we got the driver fitted and initial parts of the turbo kit built, will be going with a different turbo than pictured. He is currently taking the car home to swap his other race motor in. Then it will be brought back to be finished to run and drive. After that we will tare it down and paint everything :call_me_hand:t3: #underpressureracing

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