What do you want to see happen the most here on NWP?

Times and technology have changed but certain things like the NWP community are timeless. I’m interested to know everyone’s perspective on what you’d like this NWP experience to be like.

You guys want this NWP to be just like the old one? Same threads, same look, same people? Or are there ways you want it to be new/different?

Let’s talk about it here…


Similar threads. Old NWP people showing the new people what made NWP so great. and Build threads!

With so many nice cars out there I want to see them ALL!!!


Same as old times , sections , classifieds , tech


I think the vibe we used to have is what is everyone is interested in. With social media becoming so popular a lot of us moved over there. It has never been the same as the forums, specifically NWP.


I agree, the vibe of the people and community is what made it so special. I’m thinking that a lot of that also had to do with the times we were in, and the era of digital socialization. That has evolved so dramatically since the forum days that I’m interested to see how it will or if it even can be exactly the same.


maybe its just me being dumb asf, but the format for replies is kind of hard to follow - maybe ill get used to it.

like i wish when you hit reply, it would quote who youre replying to and not collapse as default.



No, you’re not dumb, it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. Yes, quoting who you reply to is a feature that we have to work on. I agree.


Ahh feels good to be back!


Keep it OG, but with the newer technologies that can be applied. Application base etc.

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Classifieds. Classifieds. Classifieds.

If there’s enough momentum it’d be rad if NWP could be the new hub for all Honda classifieds as it doesn’t seem like there’s another condensed location for it. FB groups are a mess, Craigslist and OfferUp are really only good for local sales… There’s gotta be some kinda serious demand for the classifieds we all grew up with.

And I definitely don’t want to complain, but if you’re taking comments… so far the layout doesn’t feel very user friendly. I’m sure it’ll see some tweaks and I will get accustomed to it but it just seems like it could be cleaner. I’ve used a lot of forums in the past couple decades and so far whatever forum format TacomaWorld.com is using is my favorite. Tons of options, great UI…

With that said THANK YOU for getting this up and running again and for caring about what we think and what we want to get out of it. :+1:


I really liked how the old look looked… but completely understand if that can happen, Build threads and car model specific page would work just as great also!

I’m really excited for this, thanks for making it happen!


That would be amazing. There is certainly potential for that to occur, but there are obviously some bugs and streamlining and visual appeal that needs to be worked on. I think Classifieds alone could be a huge hit.

And yea, we are taking comments for sure. I’m not a fan of the layout either, but that is out of my control. I presume we’ll all get used to it but of course it’s difficult because of what we remember doing and seeing.

Thank you for the input! It’s an honor and a pleasure to be back on NWP with everyone and be a Moderator and help in the ways that I can to give us that old feeling back.


Classifieds would definitely be useful. (Hopefully without the need for a scammer section).

Is there a way if you buy/sell on here we can each have a vouching system like Ebay? (Ex. 99% positive to deal with or 68% negative to deal with) type deal.

Also not sure if it would help visualize each persons replies on posts…but maybe a dark background and light text would help. Just a thought.

Thanks :+1:


Classifieds for sure but make them post a damn price!!!
I’m over this “taking offers” “DM me for price” Ect…

Also a “meets” section like before with local pages such as SoCal and NorCal like before.


Great input. Definitely working on the appearance aspect. The main goal is to have a forum that is super simple and easy to use on mobile devices, and obviously visual appearance is important as well.

We are working on the classifieds section. The ranking system is a good idea, I like that.


YES! Tech sections for sure!


I want to see the same passion and vibes that we had before the forum shut down. That joy of looking at your buddy’s build and getting inspiration from a new guy on here. I want to see the sharing of wisdom and constructive criticism without bashing a person for their own style and flair.

I am really looking forward to the classified sections and the build threads the most. The tech section is going to be live because we’ve all grown and learned in the last 5 plus years.


As several have mentioned, a good classifieds section would be awesome. I also really loved seeing all the detailed build threads… many hours spent browsing page after page

I’m new to NWP, but not Hondas.

I was a HT member back in like 2004, and a mod at the b20vtec forums back in the 2000s. I recently got back into a Honda (bought a mint 95 CX) because I missed wrenching on them so badly. I don’t have facebook, and much to my chagrin, HT and other big forums seem totally dead. Instagram has been my only connection to the OG Honda fans I crave to connect with. I’m looking to get back into the Honda community, and I hope you’ll have me.


Wow this is a breath of fresh air and what a surprise. Made my Friday night. I’d love to see it as it use to be. So many times I’ve mentioned I wish this place was still around. Fb is terrible for car stuff the groups and what not just doesn’t work that great or maybe I just wished the forum days were still around. I don’t have a whole lot to add but I’m just glad it’s back.