DA Integra (1990-1993) Tech Talk

I’ve got plenty of answers for new DA integra owners. But I also have some questions for the seasoned builders. Starting this thread because I don’t like doing shortcuts anymore, not that they are bad and a quick remedy, but finally at a point in my life where my DA has become my project car and not daily driver.

I’ll start off but feel free to post your questions/concerns or answers here. can’t spell honDA without DA.

(for the DA owners that don’t have a RS)
When it came to removing the ABS (ALB - Anti Lock Brake) system;
Did you truly follow every wire to the ECU and de-pin or did you cut the plugs and tuck the wires (safely) somewhere in the harness loom?

I’m neck deep in this process and didn’t consider the 2 pink ABS plugs that come out on the driver side (LHD)! Am I going to have to take the harness (and loom) apart on that side also and follow wires to de-pin?

Thank you for answers and advice in advanced. Here is a couple pictures of DA’s with an engine bay look i’m going for.