SuperTwinz Betty White CR-X Build Thread

Documentation of my imported 1986 RHD Honda Ballade Sports CR-X build.

As it sits now (Will update with more pictures):

Stock EW 1.5L

Custom Koni 3011 double adjustable shocks
Upgrade Motoring 29mm torsion bars
Custom rear pan hard bar
Custom front caster/camber plates

Front: Stock with Hawk HP Plus pads, ARP studs
Rear: 1G Integra rear disc brake conversion with new calipers, hub/bearing assembly, rotors, and ARP studs
USDM S2000 brake master and booster, complete bolt on

Mugen SW36 Steeeing Wheel rewrapped by Singer Vehicle Design
Mugen 5 Speed “8 Ball” shift knob
Mugen S1 first gen bucket seats
Full interior with rear seat

TE37 White 14x6.5 +28 with Bridgestone Potenza 185/60/14
Work Equip CR01 14x7 +28 with 195/60/14 Falken Azenis
Enkei RP-F1 14x7 +19 Front 14x7 +28 rear 195/60/14 Falken Azenis

Stock OEM paint from 1986
Bottom half painted OEM metallic gray by Willy Werx
Heel Toe Auto ZC Long Hood
Willy Werx custom 20mm widen fiberglass fenders
Willy Werx custom front lip
Willy Werx custom rear spoiler
Mugen rear spoiler

Future mods:
Stock 2000 JDM ITR long block
Newer generation Toda Racing ITBs with 33mm trumpets
Skunk2 Stage 2 cams with Supertech valve train
Toda Racing 1st gen B series header

AEM 508 Infinity
Motec PDM15
Rywire coil on plug setup with Rywire trigger kit

1993 GS-R YS1 transmission with M Factory LSD and retaining 4.4 final drive because of 14” wheels

Spoon Calipers, modified knuckles still retaining 14” wheels

Car will also retain power steering and air conditioning.

Before the two tone:

That’s it for now… Will update soon.


Wow great work so far. I love it. In for updates

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Glad to see some clean OG crx builds, so glad the forum is back.

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busting out all the attic parts!

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You better finish this one!! haha.


WillyWerx, the magic man. :metal:t4:


Can’t wait to see this done!

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Such a baller :heart_eyes:

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Is this the same WOLFPACK with the red EK from back in the day?!

the super old school honda G O A T!!!


I’m here for the balut.

Keep it up. hope to see this at JCCS next year!

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Sure is :grinning: This is almost 20 yrs ago…

imageimage image


This car always gets mentioned when we discuss some of our favorite EKs of all time…


Oof. Super dope. Love the older crx builds!

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