4th gen civic hatch build, Access bodykit

Been a while since I worked on the car, hope to get going on it again this month. Gonna pick up my coated Rover valve cover this saterday along with my Sa3r’s for the daily sportcross and my J’s Racing front tow hook of my EG4.


Newest addition to my wheel collection arrived from Japan this morning.

15 inch Work Ewing Rsr


New year so lets get this project going again. Had to many other stuff going on but getting back into it.

Just ordered some mirror block offs from EKP Projects, will be alot easier then modifying my oem mirrors. Since I can’t seem to find any oem ones, this is a good alternative.

Also looking into doing a brake line tuck, that’s the problem when you can’t work on a project for some time you tend to overthink it and find new stuff to do :smiley:
It will not be easy because I really don’t want to take out the engine again just for this but the dash isn’t bolted in yet. Just trying to decide what route to take, buying the kit from Finishing lines or just buying all the fiitings and bending my own lines or maybe a mix of both.

Also did some more work on the MR5’s and was hoping to put them in primer this weekend but it has been raining so to much moisture in the air. Gonna try and get my heater from the warehouse this week so I can hopefully do it later this coming week.

And my Weds TC-05’s arrived just before the new year too.

And added another Advan Sa3r to the collection, found a single 16 inch one with the coin and circlips. So now I have a spare, just missing the cap, already have a hex nut for it. Not in the best condition but it’s straight so that’s the most important, will need to be colormatched to my set anyways.


Put 2 of the MR5 barrels in etch primer a couple of weeks ago.

Thought I already sanded all of them but seems I was wrong, still have one to sand down. Took it home with me but didn’t have time yet. Hope to get it done this sunday so I can put the remaining 2 barrels and the faces in etch primer soon.
Just need to decide what color the hardware will be so I can drop off all the bolts at my powdercoater.


So many nice parts and great progress.

I love the custom body work for the license plate :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


Thx man, hope to continue on that soon. Really unmotivated for the moment, too cold and wet in the warehouse. Hope it warms up again soon.


The last 2 barrels in primer, just need to finish the faces now. Some stubborn pieces left to do.


Man the ewings rsr ive been looking at a set for a couple months. Love the wheel selection btw

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Thx :smile:, and yeah I have a wheel problem. Currently have 28 sets, most are for my civic’s but my collection for the daily sportcross is growing too.

Got my EKP mirror block offs in this week. Will save me tons of time making a set from scratch. Gonna put my MS Racing mirrors on them, will try and get them prepped for paint next week so I do have a bit of forward progression with the civic. Haven’t really done much on it because currently busy getting the daily Sportcross ready for it’s respray in about 2 weeks.


Dropped of my Mugen MR5 bolts at the powdercoater yesterday along with my Impuls to get a few bends out of those.

Color sample for the bolts.


Been a while since I really did anything to the car, but got my ass in gear yesterday. Still hope to get it ready and on the road this year.

Sanded down the door

Gonna do 1 more coat of primer just to get the last small imperfections out.

Also got to work on the Access sideskirts, had to repair the passengers side one, that had a crack. Already fused them together again, just need to do the plastic welding to get it all strong again.

And I took one of my EKP mirror block offs and sanded it down and put a few layers of spray filler on it. Not sure if this will work to get it all nice and smooth but it’s my first time working with a 3D printed item, if I don’t like it I’ll put a layer of filler over it and sand it all smooth.

Plan is to keep this momentum going and do my hood and other door next week and maybe the trunklid too. So they can get a final layer of primer. Still need to find a drivers side front fender since mine is beyond repair for my skills anyway.

And my powdercoater is back from his holiday so I hope I can go pick up my bolts for the MR5’s soon. Still working on those if I get a free moment but not much progress has been made for the moment.


Worked on the civic again yesterday, was hot but of I want any chance of getting it on the road this year I need to keep this momentum going. Hood blocked inside and out, will need 1 more coat on the outside.

Sanded down the Access midwing and my Chargespeed spoiler. Was a pain in the ass that spoiler, bought it 2nd hand and there was a carbonfiber wrap on it when I got it. Bad bodywork after they mounted it on an oem wing, and glue remains … Looks pretty decent now, but we’ll see once it gets a coat of primer what horrors will come out. But thinking of closing up that 3rd brakelight opening first. It was put on a wing without a 3rd brakelight so it’s just open now and I don’t like that look.

Got out my front and rear Access bumperpieces too, have a few spots that need need fixing and I’m gonna reinforce the front piece at the bottom.

The EKP mirror block offs will need a layer of filler, just spray filler will not cut it. Also started prepping my MR5 hoops so I can order my paint soon just need to decide what shade I want.

That’s it for now, ordering some supplies later today for next weekend. Hope I can get a full day in soon in stead of the odd few hours I have been doing now.


Had to be at my buddy’s place to help him out a bit. Gave me the opportunity to work a bit on the car too, took the M’s Racing mirrors of the DC2 block offs. They came from a DC2 before I got them.

Not sure yet what I want to do with the mirrors, paint them color of the car or get the carbon fiber refinished.

Put bondo on the EKP mirror block offs I have to get rid of the print lines.

And I finished the repairs on the side skirts on the inside so the cracks are now fixed, just need to finish off the outsides so I can put the skirts in primer along with the other parts that need another layer.


Not alot to say today, spend more time cleaning up then really working on the civic but got a few things done.

Sanded down the mirror block off plates and put a layer of spray filler over them to get the last imperfections out.

And repaired the last corner of one of the side skirts, a whole piece was broken off so filled it up and reinforced it. Next step will sanding it into shape so I can tackle the last few bits and get it all ready for a layer of primer.


Small update, got a few hours in today. Sanded down the repairs on the Access skirts and prepped those parts for the last coat of filler. Got my door pieces out and took off the passenger door so I could fix the door piece on that side.

It’s 1 piece again, just need to finish up the outside, gonna do that along with the skirts.

Also tested the passenger skirt on the car to see if I needed to adjust anything.

Next weekend I hope I can get a full day in so I can work on the car itself too, get the rear quarter in shape and do the last things on the Access kit.


Got all the parts of the Access sideskirts in one color today. Every bit that got repaired got a coat of plastic bondo, sanded that all down and gave the parts a coat of spray filler. But noticed that I forgot one bit, but after seeing the pieces in one color I saw that there is still some work to do. Small stuff but it’s not yet where I want it to be. Never the less, it’s great to see progress now. Hope next weekend I can have the full Access kit in shape and ready for primer.

Also put my Access maplight in the car to check if my wiring is in the right location and the lenght is correct so I can continue with that next week too. Have my center mirror with me at home right now to see if I can put a Spoon mirror in it. And got some measurements to make some brackets for my satellite speakers.


Just added another Access piece to the collection, not sure if I’m gonna install it but the price was right.


Been a while that I updated here but to be honest not much has been done since the last update. Lost motivation for a bit, but I’m back doing some work again on the car.

First did a good clean up of the warehouse, not working on the car didn’t mean I didn’t use the warehouse for other projects and storage.

Moved a bunch of stuff around to make room again so I could walk around the car, jacked it up and put it on some axle stands in front, back is just standing on some composite blocks.

While I was cleaning up I tested out some wheels, really wanted to see how the Weds RS5 centerlock would look on the car. And it looks great, and also found out my adaptors that still need to be made will not have to be quite as wide as I was dreading, the centerlock "lock"pattern in the back of the wheel is a 100 mill apart so it just slides on the studs of the car now, but that also means I can use the studs as extra “locks” so to speak.

Tested my Enkei Ralliart too but with the 4*114,3 adaptor it comes to wide.

Put on the front bumper with the Access piece and took some measurements for some foglight brackets.

And brought my Weds Kurage centerlock with me too, and had to test fit that one aswell :smiley:

Cut some steel and made a bracket to test. It needed to have a budge in it like the ones that came with the foglights so I can adjust the angle of them.

Came out pretty decent, don’t have that much experience with metalforming but a blowtorch, a brake caliper piston and a bodywork hamer did the trick. Foglight in place and it can be adjusted to nut blind people on the road.

Made the other foglight bracket along with 2 smaller ones so I can mount my satellite speakers on them. Can’t use the bracket that came with the speakers since I’m not putting in the headliner or rear plastic interior pieces again so needed a new place to hang them.

Gonna sand them down and paint all the brackets flat black so they won’t stand out.

Also started with the last of the interior wiring in the back, needed to connect the rear light harness to the rest of the loom in the car. Still need to finish that off, will do that this weekend. And then it’s on to the final few wiring bits in the interior like the maplight and sunroof wiring that needs to be cleaned up and put in a nice sleeve. Mill spec connector wiring is last thing but I’m thinking of leaving that to a friend of mine who has more experience with that sort of thing.

That’s about it for the time being, been sanding a bit here and there too but that’s not that interesting to see. Will try and keep this updated again since I’m making progress again.


Incredible build and choice of parts. So happy to see this post! Any work is good work mate. :sunglasses:

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